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Sometimes your hair needs an extra dose of TLC, especially if you wash, dry and straighten your locks on a regular basis. Even if you don’t use styling tools every day, it’s important to take time out to treat your hair to help it feel stronger, moisturised and rejuvenated.

If your hair needs a boost and you want to restore its natural shine, our experienced stylists in Mayfair and Richmond have the perfect hair treatments for you. TopOne London offers an impressive range of conditioning and intensive repair hair treatments that will leave your hair looking shiny, healthy and back to its natural best.

No matter your hair concern, we guarantee to have the right solution by Wella and Kerastase at our contemporary Mayfair and Richmond salons.


The N°1 Bond Maker helps reduce hair damage and creates bonds within the hair while lightening or coloring. Mix it with hair lightener or color and enable an optimal lift and penetration of the dye molecules.

Use the N°2 Bond Stabilizer after chemical treatments such as lightening or color to further strengthen the hair structure and rebalance pH.


Expert hair care and scalp products for your unique hair type. Our shampoos, conditioners, masques, oils and styling products are designed to meet the needs of women & professional hairdressers




Treat yourself to a luxury hair treatment from Shu Uemura, a world famous hair care brand that uses the highest quality essential oils as the main ingredient in their products. One of our stylists will analyse your hair and select a treatment best suited to your specific needs. You will then have the masque applied to your hair, leaving you to drift away while enjoying the relaxing and stimulating shiatsu massage. After the masque has been left on your hair for 15 minutes, your hair will be rinsed and followed up by your desired service. This hair treatment is perfect if you want to enjoy silky, healthy hair for weeks.


Our Mayfair and Richmond hairdressers offer another world famous hair treatment brand, known to many as Kerastase. Your hair will be analysed by your stylist and either a masque or dual shot will be selected after a consultation. Dual shot combines the main treatment with the booster treatment to target more than one hair concern. The treatment is sprayed on washed hair and rinsed off after an indulgent head massage. Should you decide to go for the Kerastase hair masque, it will be applied to your hair and followed by a heavenly head massage. The masque will be left on for 15 minutes to release the full potential of all the active ingredients, then rinsed off to leave your hair silky smooth.


The simple three-step process by Olaplex includes a patented active ingredient that works on a molecular level to seek out broken bonds in the hair that are caused by chemical, thermal and mechanical damage. Olaplex can be used to restore compromised hair or added to another hair treatment service to provide the ultimate breakage insurance.


If you don’t have much time to spare when you visit us in Mayfair or Richmond but would still like to put some life back into your hair, we offer a L’Oréal instant shot treatment. This professional hair treatment is sprayed on your washed hair and works within a couple of minutes. After a quick rinse, you’re left with extremely soft, shiny and refreshed hair.


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    Finest Hair Repair and Conditioning Treatments

    When you are spending lots of money on facial and makeup products, you should not forget that hair also plays a vital role in giving you an attractive appearance. TopOne has been offering quality hair repair and conditioning services for years. If you think that your hair needs special care, our team is ready to pamper your hair. We provide profuse hair repair treatments that can make your hair healthy, bouncy, and brighter.

    At our renowned unisex salon, you will get:


    Scalp massage is an integral part of most of our hair treatments. Our skilled experts massage the scalp scientifically and make the clients relaxed. Such massages also help prevent headaches and reduce stress.

    Unclogging Hair Follicles

    Any part of your body can get clogged, the scalp is no exception. The scalp contains numerous hair follicles. These follicles, sometimes, get clogged with multiple substances. One of these most common substances is sebum. It is a type of natural oil that is produced by the sebaceous gland in the hair follicles. When combined with dirt and remaining chemicals, these oil forms clogs. Our hair treatments can clear the clogs out and restore the sebum levels.

    Blood Flow Stimulation

    Our hair experts know how to stimulate blood flow to your scalp and help the blood reach the follicles to deliver vital nutrients. These nutrients will enable the follicles to grow healthy hair. Strengthening follicles means healthy hair.

    Reduced Dandruff

    Dandruff is a common problem of modern people. Both men and women suffer from dandruff. When the scalp produces excessive oil, it causes irritation and flakiness. When the scalp is not generating enough oil, it gets dry and irritates. Our treatments offer exfoliations to get rid of dandruff.

    Reduced Thinning and Hair Loss

    Often clogged follicles prevent hair growth. By unclogging those follicles, we can restore the sebum secretion levels and enable your hair to grow. Not all scalps are the same. Some scalps may need special products to eliminate an excessive amount of build-up while some other scalps may need medication. Analysing the situation of your scalp, we can suggest a treatment that can promote the growth of your hair and address issues like hair thinning.

    At TopOne, we use top-notch products for providing hair treatments. Our products do not contain any harsh materials that can affect your scalp badly. Our wide collection of products is meant for different types of scalps and requirements. Moreover, our wide range of treatments covers all requirements from Shu Uemura luxury treatment to smart bond treatment.

    For any type of hair care, you can visit us! Our qualified and professional hair experts will listen to you carefully, and considering your issues, they will recommend a suitable treatment.

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