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We offer a full range of pampering pedicures to keep your feet looking their very best. Our pedicures will transform your feet, improving the condition of your nails and rejuvenating tired rough skin.

Put your foot up and enjoy our most luxurious pedicure, designed to improve the condition and appearance of your skin and nails. Not only will your foot be groomed and polished but also massaged to increase circulation and relax those tired foot muscles.

When you choose this fabulous foot treatment, you can expect your foot to be conditioned and soaked before your nails are trimmed and filed to shaped, and your cuticles extensively tidied. One of our trained beauty therapists will then give you a therapeutic foot massage and remove any hard skin prior to applying an OPI polish or OPI gel colour of your choice onto your toenails.


A relaxing hand treatments can make you feel a million dollars, and TopOne in London intends to do exactly that. All of the tempting hand treatments at our beauty salons in Mayfair and Richmond are designed to get you feeling and looking your very best.

Whether you want a simple shape and polish or a French manicure, our skilled beauticians will transform your hands by rejuvenating tired rough skin and improving the condition of your nails.

As we care about keeping your skin and nails healthy, we handpick and use only the highest quality products to ensure your hands remain in tip-top condition.


Our beauty experts at TopOne in Mayfair and Richmond offer a full range of long-lasting OPI nail polishes and professional OPI gel manicures for a maximum gloss finish and salon-style results.

Whatever your style, we guarantee to have the right nail polish colour to match, from sophisticated shades to flamboyant varnishes.



Whether you want to nourish your toenails or make them look as beautiful as they can be, our Richmond beauticians have the right foot treatment for you. In addition to our luxury pedicures, we offer a shape and polish which includes filing and buffing your toenails, as well as a French polish or your chosen OPI colour. If you prefer the natural look, you can treat yourself to our signature Frenchpedicure for neat and stylish foot.


Here at TopOne London, we will transform your foot with our luxury OPI gel polishes. We use OPI gel colours in our popular foot treatments because OPI is the world’s leading brand of professional hand. foot and nail care products. Our beauty salon is home to the full range of super glamorous and long-lasting OPI gel shades to ensure you’re always spoiled for choice and your toenails are treated with the love and the care they deserve.


Our beauty experts at TopOne in Richmond offer a full range of long-lasting OPI nail polishes and profesiional OPI gel manicures for a maximum gloss finish and salon-style results.

Whatever your style. we guarantee to have the right nail polish colour to match, from sophisticated shades to flamboyant varnishes.


The TopOne hair and beauty salon in Richmond makes booking foot treatment appointments fast and easy. You can either download and use our booking app or call us on 0208 940 6111 to book instantly with our talented beauticians.


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    Deluxe Therapeutic Foot & Hand Treatment

    TopOne is a premium unisex salon that is committed to pampering your skin. We have brought out a luxurious and therapeutic range of treatments for those parts of your body that always keep you going but you ignore them most of the time. With some of our treatments designed for feet and hands, you can go a long way. Regardless of what you need, a glamorous transformation for a special occasion, or a little care for your feet and nails, our beauticians can surpass your expectations. Our bespoke feet and hand treatments can address individual requirements and the changing needs of the skin. A blend of naturally derived ingredients lets us provide you with a simple and customised regime. With this regime, you can experience unbelievable results.

    How can our Therapeutic Feet Treatment Groom you?

    Our luxurious therapeutic feet treatments provide you with an extensive range of benefits, such as:

    Support Chiropody- A regular feet treatment is much needed if you are suffering from foot problems, including corns, calluses, and cracked soles. It may help you avoid getting further treatments for the feet.

    Improve your Posture- Our scientifically designed therapeutic feet treatment can allow you to walk more comfortably. It improves your postures and helps you get rid of cracked heels.

    Provide a Pleasing Experience- Our treatments are not only designed for enhancing physical beauty but also for providing clients with a pleasing experience. Our skilled therapists apply different tricks that can soothe your mind and make you relaxed.

    How can our Soothing Hand Treatment Pamper you?

    Our wide range of hand treatments can maintain and improve your appearance and the current state of your hands and nails.  These treatments can proffer everything you want, from a comfortable seating arrangement to a classy experience. Our hand treatments deliver anti-aging benefits, and their expert formulations make nails harder and stronger from inside and outside. Our services can give you the nails you might have always wished for.

    Other magical features of our hand pampering services include high gloss, quick-drying, appealing nail colours, etc.

    A Touch of Elegance and Comfort

    In the hustle and bustle of materialistic modern life, people are running after time. In this chase against time, most people are losing their inner selves. They are forgetting to smile and enjoy their life. It is challenging to find a person who is not surrounded by stress. If you are in the same boat, you must manage sometimes for reinventing yourself.  At TopOne, our experienced staff will help you escape your boring routines and indulge in a soothing and luxurious foot or hand treatment.

    Want to pamper yourself? Pick your phone and book an appointment now!