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Pulling off a salon-quality blow-dry at home often proves more challenging than anticipated. But don’t fret – that’s where the experienced stylists at TopOne in London step in.
After all, few experiences can elevate your self-assurance and deliver stunning, voluminous hair like a top-notch blow-dry.
At our salons located in the heart of Mayfair and Richmond, we ensure a superior blow-dry experience that not only enhances the appearance of your hair but also ensures the longevity of your chosen style.
Whether you opt for a hairdo crafted by our skilled Richmond hairdressers or wish us to replicate a look you’ve spotted online or in a glossy, just let us know and we’ll handle the rest.

Please note: Long, extra thick and extended hair may be subject to an additional charge, so please consult with your stylist before proceeding.



If you’re longing for sleek, healthy and manageable hair, TopOne in London has the perfect hair treatment for you. We’re proud to offer the latest Brazilian blow-dry keratin hair treatment, the best solution for repairing your hair from the inside and leaving you with gorgeous tresses.

Many people are unaware that things such as pollution, straightening, blow drying, poor diet and chemical processing can damage hair. However, a Brazilian blow dry nourishes damaged hair from within by using keratin, a natural protein found in the hair, skin and nails.

Our Brazilian blow dry service is available at both our Mayfair and Richmond hair salons and is ideal if your hair is dry, damaged, colour treated or curly and difficult to manage. At your appointment, our highly trained stylists will carry out a full consultation before recommending the best strength of treatment for your hair type.


At TopOne Mayfair and Richmond, we offer you one of the top Brazilian blow-dry treatments in London produced by HairGoStraight, a leading specialist brand. The products we use are natural, gentle and non-greasy, and the treatment takes around 2-3 hours to work.

To begin with, your hair strands are opened using a specialist shampoo before a keratin treatment is applied to repair your hair. After your hair has been restored with Brazilian keratin treatment, it is dried and straightened. You’re then left with soft, sleek and full-bodied manageable hair that smells gorgeous.

Our knowledgeable stylists will recommend the best products to use and provide you with full instructions on how to care for your hair after your treatment. If you wish, you can purchase professional Brazilian blow-dry products at our TopOne salons in Mayfair and Richmond.



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    High-Quality Brazilian Keratin Treatment with Blow Dry Services

    Are you worried about your frizzy hair? No worries! TopOne will be happy to provide you with the most-effective Brazilian keratin treatment. Strands of hair can often get frizzy and look extremely out of place. The best way to get rid of this trouble is a hair smoothening treatment. The main endeavour of our Brazilian Keratin treatment reduces frizz and makes your locks smoother and more appealing. Our Brazilian blowout can coat the outer layer of your hair to make it smoother and eliminate frizz.  Our services will enhance the brightness of your hair and reduce the blow-try time. We focus on making your hair texture natural and beautiful while removing the frizzed carefully.

     What makes our Brazilian blowout treatment so special?

    We use world-class products having less harsh chemicals and more formaldehyde and useful ingredients to ensure maximum results for you
    Our wide range of services encompasses a multitude of products; therefore, regardless of your scalp type, you will get the right solution at our unisex salon
    Our hair experts are well-trained and professional.  They know how to serve you in the best possible way without causing any discomfort
    We believe that a relaxing environment is much needed for providing beauty services. Hence, we try to provide our clients with a cosy setting while providing Brazilian keratin treatment with blow-drying.

    What will you get from our Brazilian keratin treatment?

    Brighter hair that can be easily managed
    Shiny and fuller hair texture
    A relief from frizzes
    Straight and Healthy hair
    Protection from harmful impacts of the sun and the extremities of the weather
    Protection of environmental adversities
    Less chances of hair breakage and damages
    Reduced blow-drying and styling time

    How do our hair experts work?

    We will wash your hair with a cleansing shampoo
    We leave the shampoo for 5-7 minutes to remove all excess products and oils in your hair, this allows us to start from a clean canvas when applying the products on your dry hair
    The moisture will be removed by blow-drying your hair
    Next, they will apply a keratin product
    Your hair will be left to set for some time
    Again, our professionals will blow-dry your hair
    Finally, a flat iron will be used to lock the effects of our Brazilian keratin treatment

    Clients, who experienced our Brazilian Keratin treatment, have reported that their hair became smoother and easily manageable after undertaking our services. For providing the best results, our experts use keratin and seal it, using heat. It makes the hair glossier. Thinking about the cost? TopOne provides top-notch Brazilian keratin and blow-dry services at affordable packages.

    While providing hair treatment, we take utmost care of our client’s safety. That is why we clean the seats and tolls after every session.

    What is stopping you from getting lustrous hair? Get in touch with us to schedule an appointment for you.