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Blow Dry


Replicating a salon blow-dry at home is always a lot more difficult than it looks. But not to worry – that’s what the London stylists at TopOne are here for. Besides, few things can boost your confidence and give you beautiful bouncy hair like a professional blow-dry. When you get a high-quality blow-dry at our Mayfair and Richmond salons, your hair will not only look healthier but your style will last much longer. Whether you choose a hairstyle created by our London hairdressers or want us to recreate a look you’ve seen online or in a magazine, let us know and we’ll do the rest.

Please note: Long, extra thick and extended hair may be subject to an additional charge, so please consult with your stylist before proceeding.


For short hair, mastering the technique can be challenging, but the payoff is significant. Once accomplished, it allows for effortless style – just wash, style minimally, and go. If the cut was previously mishandled, regular blow-drying may be necessary for correction. With fine hair, introducing volume is as easy as incorporating graduation. With the right expertise and an eye for detail, almost any style can be achieved.


For medium-length hair, the process of washing, cutting, and blow-drying is determined by an analysis of the client’s hair type. Whether it’s fine, medium, or thick, the appropriate styling decision can be made with the right technique.


With long hair, the wash, cut, and blow-dry approach must consider the client’s preferences. While many lean towards layers, it might not always be suitable, especially for fine hair types. Understanding hair texture, density, and the client’s lifestyle is essential to advise them on the best-suited style. The client’s face shape and personality will also be taken into account for a truly personalised cut.

In summary, we advocate for tailored cutting techniques to cater to each client’s unique characteristics: texture, density, face shape, and hair growth patterns. For instance, applying layers on fine hair might compromise its volume, whereas graduation or a one-length cut might restore it. For extremely thick hair, we suggest techniques that incorporate disconnection to manage the volume effectively. At TopOne, we understand that each client is unique, and we strive to offer bespoke solutions for all. Visit us in our Richmond hair salon to speak with us about your cut and blowdry!


When you visit a TopOne hair and beauty salon in Mayfair or Richmond, London, you’re welcomed and treated by only the very best stylists or therapists. What is more, our experienced team use the highest quality beauty products from brands like WELLA, Kérastase, and Fudge for hair and Crystal Clear skin care products and OPI nail and foot care products.

So, you are in highly professional hands. When you walk out of the door, we want you to feel amazing and would love nothing more than for you to come back next time. Come see us at our beauty salon in Richmond or Mayfair – we can give you the exact treatment you’re looking for.



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    Luxurious Blow-Dry Services

    TopOne offers an effective blow-dry service that can transform your entire look. With glossy and polished hair, you can look outstanding even in ordinary jeans and a T-shirt. We have a team of well-trained blow-dry professionals who are experts in blow-drying hair. We can deliver a wide range of blow hair-drying services that can meet any of your wishes- be it getting a classy hairstyle for an everyday look or a bouncy wave for a special event.

    We understand the pain of slaving away with a hairdryer for more than half an hour and ending up with dry locks. Now you do not need to spend time on hair drying. You can sit back at our salon and relax; meanwhile our blow dry experts will take care of your hair.

    How do we work?

    Our staff follows a five-step approach to provide you with lustrous hair:

    An ideal blow-dry will begin with a shampoo to clean your hair, most likely we will shampoo twice. Second, our experts will gloss your hair with conditioner. Before the hair wash is completely you will be provided with a deep tissue scalp massage. Once the massage and wash is complete, they will apply a serum heat protection spray to repel moisture and eliminate frizz. Our team opts for towel-drying to avoid dried-out hair conditions.
    Using best dryers and sometimes their hands and fingers as well, the professionals will rough dry your hair until it is almost 50% dry when you need curly or wavy hair. For straight hair, they will continue this process until the hair is 80-90% dry. They focus on the roots and blow-dry upwards.
    Our experts skillfully separate the dry hair from the wet hairs and divide off your hair into small sections of around 1-2 inches in width, However this depends on the texture and density of your hair.
    Next, each parted section is made dry and taut using a nozzle. Through this process, the beauticians create root movement, and it is just like the scaffolding of the blow-dry. They will use a high-quality and anti-static brush to style your hair. Also, a paddle brush is used to dry the remaining ends. They will centralise the brush bristles with the nozzle and point them downwards to reduce the flyaways. This way, they will give you a smooth finish.
    In the end, they will deploy some professional tricks and end up with a final touch-up that will help you get a unique and eye-catchy look.

    Blow-drying is the easiest way of transforming your look. It is neither time-consuming nor expensive. If you are looking for a pocket-friendly solution to get a new look, blow drying can be your best bet. TopOne cares for your hair. That is why we provide brow-drying services with all precautions to avoid any damage to your hair.

    Want our expert blow dryers to serve you? Book an appointment now!