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We’ll transform your look with highlights, lowlights or a whole new colour at our unisex hair salons in Richmond.


Let our beauty experts give you bolder and brighter eyes by adding a hint of tint to your brows and lashes. We offer professional eyebrow and eyelash tinting in Mayfair and Richmond, giving you two convenient salon options whenever you decide it’s time to accentuate your beautiful eyes.

Put simply, tinting is extremely practical and time-saving. The eyebrow and eyelash treatments available at TopOne in Mayfair and Richmond take only 15-20 minutes, meaning you can get radiant and smudge-free eyes during your lunch break or even when you’re on the go.


Tinting is perfect for keeping you looking polished and ideal for a pre-holiday pampering to avoid smudged make-up by the pool.

Eyebrow and eyelash tinting will not only give you an extra boost of confidence but also make life easier as you won’t need to apply and remove eye makeup every day.



TopOne beauty salon in London makes booking eyebrow and eyelash tinting appointments fast and easy. You can either download and use our booking app or call us on 0207 629 6465 (Mayfair) or 0208 940 6111 (Richmond) to book instantly with our talented beauticians.


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    Professional Eyebrow and Eyelash Tinting Services

    TopOne has designed a hassle-free range of eyebrow and eyelash tinting services. At our unisex salon, you can enjoy the unbridled delight of tinting your eyebrows and eyelashes. Our semi-permanent dyes will help you get rid of buying and applying a bunch of eyeliners and make-up kits.

    Along with a multitude of beauty treatments, we offer eyebrow and eyelash tinting treatments that can define your god-gifted natural beauty in a better way. Our skilled and experienced beauty experts can give you fuller and well-defined brows and eyelashes, with which you will be able to flaunt an artistic look.

    Salient Features of our Tinting Range

    Brighter Irises & Popping Pupils

    Everyone wants to look best, and it can make them the centre of attraction wherever they go. We believe that each person is blessed with some alluring visual features. All they need is to know how to define the beauty that lies within them. As most people are not aware of the ways to highlight their natural beauty, our team strives to help them. Our tints offer maximum contrast between hair and irises. Though blue eyes have always been greatly adorned, we provide all shades of brown, black, blue and blue-black.

    Minimal Side Effects and Maximum Comfort

    With our eyebrows and eyelash tinting treatments, there is little chance of developing any kind of discomfort. So far, our clients have reported no such case of side effects. Our experts know that every person is unique, and they need customised treatment that can cater to their individual requirements. Keeping this in mind, we provide customised tinting services.

    Assured Safety

    While tinting the brows or eyelashes of a customer, we maintain all the safety hazards and use hygienic and clean tools to get the work done safely. We also flow all the social distancing guidelines to provide our clients maximum protection against the COVID-19 virus and any other spreading diseases.

    Naturally Gorgeous Look

    Many salons opt for different techniques to make their customers look like someone else but this is not our cup of tea. We focus on the asset you already own and try to define them artistically so that they can easily grab everybody’s attention. We never claim that our tinting service can change the way you look; instead, it can bring about your beautiful eyes with minimal effort. We don’t want you to look different; all we want is to help you look better and feel confident.

    If you are looking for ways to shake off the eyeliners that take loads of your time every day, TopOne is ready to highlight your eyebrows and eyelashes naturally with an extensive range of tinting services.

    What are you waiting for? Pick your phone, dial our number, and schedule an appointment for eyebrows or eyelashes tinting services!