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Whether you want us to shape your eyebrows to perfect precision or simply remove unwanted stray hairs, our threading treatments will give you a smoother finish and long-lasting results.


Otherwise known as the ancient art of hair removal, threading is perfect for getting rid of unwanted body hair. While threading is a technique commonly used to shape and neaten eyebrows, it can also be used to remove hair on the lips, neck, chin, and forehead.

During eyebrow threading treatments at our beauty salons in Mayfair and Richmond, our highly experienced practitioners use of a pure, thin, twisted length of cotton thread that rolls over your hair and plucks it at the follicle level. As we use only 100% natural cotton, our threading treatments are suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.


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Before Man Threading
After Man Threading
Treatment Man Threading
Before Woman Threading
After Woman Threading
Treatment Woman Threading


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    Demanding Eyebrow & Facial Threading Treatments

    One of the leading salons in London, TopOne, uses a few signature threading techniques that can help the clients define their natural beauty. Facial threading is not a new method; it has been practised for centuries. Though originated in Asia, threading, a hair removal technique, is popular all over the world. We have a team of trained and skilled beauty experts who deploy eyebrow and facial threading processes to offer premium grooming to you. Unlike other traditional techniques, such as strip waxing, our process does not make the skin sensitive. Our method targets hairs with precision.

    We follow a basic tested facial threading technique, which is simple yet effective. Our team mingles this technique with an in-depth understanding of an individual customer’s requirements. With this threading treatment, you will get a bespoke brow shape, suitable for your face and personality. Every person has a beautiful eyebrow and all we do is- enhance and actualise them. When dealing with the symmetry of facial contours and bone structure, we deploy a painless process to design your brows.

    At our unisex salon, you will get a fuller-looking and well-defined brow that can provide you with a young-looking appearance.

    Our variety of eyebrow and facial threading treatments include:

    Eyebrow tidy

    Our experts can set and tame your brows with a clear brow pencil. This is a non-dragging process. With this eyebrow tidy service, we ensure a smooth finishing that can control your unruly hairs.

    Eyebrow shape

    The shape of your eyebrow speaks a lot about your personality. If you want to get a radiant look, you should not ignore your eyebrow.

    Our professionals can give your eyebrows a shape that can make your appearance more elegant and appealing.

    Upper lip

    Having a furry upper lip is normal. If you want to remove the hair to show the true colour of your skin, we can eliminate the hair by deploying our upper lip treatment at an affordable range.

    Chin sides

    For a flawless face, chin-side hair removal is mandatory. We work hard to ensure that you feel no or least pain while removing unwanted hair from your chin sides.


    A hairy neck can spoil the beauty of a beautiful backless gown. Our team can help you flaunt a smooth and beautiful neck by providing a skilled neck threading service.


    With the help of thin cotton or polyester thread, we pluck unwanted hair off your forehead. We follow a 100% natural process having no bad impact on the skin.

    Full face and eyebrows

    Even a single piece of hair can hide the real colour and texture of your face. That’s why TopOne provides effective and safe full face and eyebrow threading treatment.

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